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Last seen 3 days ago

Could cry but just worked out but I’m going to Oswestry to see Bala V Sligo Europa Cup

Many thanks

Am I right to think this is not covered by being a member?

As a Shropshire Lad this is excellent news for him.

No wonder the Pears played so badly the other night. The Moen story was a bit of a red herring perhaps?

Makes be wonder with all this slow batting and references to the England team, whether Sibley is eyeing a test recall. With the usual failure of the top half a dogged Boycott type character could be the perfect foil to get the team to gel and allow the others to blast away T20 style???

Has covid put paid to this? Noted on the live feed from Old Trafford the other week this seem to be allowed again, but not any where near the square.

It’s a long hard day finals day

Has anybody heard whether there have been any developments re reciprocal tickets for other county championship games?

I do hope I’m proven wrong and I haven’t studied the plans, but high rise rented residential developments, with in this case a questionable large amount of Radom public open space, have since the 60s proved a disaster, with many now being demolished. A lower rise mixed owner / rented occupation development plus hotel and leisure might have been better at producing a suitable grand entry for Edgbaston. As it stands to me they are just adding to the high rise blocks across the road. Suspect the Council, land ownership and financial situation have all something to do with this?