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In order to stop spam postings (which seem to have increased in number lately), I've decided to disable new registrations on the forum for the time being.

Therefore if you aren't a member of the forum but would like to be, just send a brief email to bearsfans@bev.name and I will re-enable registrations until you are signed up.

Hopefully I'll be able to find a more permanent solution at some point, but this should at least stop the spam in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience,

'Russian' posters !

Is it just me, or are others pi**ed off by all these 'dodgy' posters we seem to have inhabiting our site ?! All with very obvious 'troll' names. I hope Admin can do something about them.

Forum downtime

Apologies for the recent downtime, this was caused by my recent upgrading of the forum software. The upgrade itself was successful (you might notice that the forum looks a little different now) but something in the background was broken in the process. I've implemented a temporary fix and will try and work on something permanent in the next couple of days, but be aware that the forum may be unavailable at times during this period.


Apologies for the spate of spammers over the last day or so. If it continues then I'll try to work out a permanent solution to stop it. I'm going to disable the forum overnight to prevent a flood of spam signups while I'm not able to delete them - sorry for the disruption!

Welcome to the new forum!

Welcome to the new Warwickshire CCC fans forum! When the old forum disappeared rather suddenly last year, I soon found myself missing the discussion of all things Warwickshire County Cricket Club, particularly given the lack of cricket through the summer. I decided to try and get a new forum up and running, and, with the help of Terry, have eventually got round to sorting it out. Please let me know if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions for improvements.

Feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself, if you so wish. Otherwise, enjoy the new forum!

Exiled Bear

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