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Has anyone noticed that, on the Club site, the Birmingham Bears seem to have morphed into (just) The Bears?

Sad to hear of the death of yet another Aussie legend - and this one was born in Birmingham:

One change to the squad - McAndrew in for Norwell:
Might Craig Miles get into the team ahead of Henry Brookes?

The Club looking to fill a vacancy:
I'm really sorry to see Tom Rawlings go, though ten years in the same job is a long time these days.
Not only is Tom excellent at his job, he has also been a good friend to Bearsfans. He was very supportive of the new site being set up and was happy to publicise it on the Club site. He has also occasionally put me right if we have got our facts wrong.
Hopefully, his successor will be equally supportive.

....could be on his way to Warwickshire:
I didn't know he was born in Birmingham. He would be a good acquisition, though he may spend most of his time with England.

Off to Derby on loan for a month and in the squad for tomorrow at Lord's:
It's got to be a good move for him because he is way down the pecking order at Edgbaston.

This looks like an interesting development.
Good to see the Bears getting away from Edgbaston and into the county.
I note that it's not stated whether the Bears will be playing these matches as Warwickshire or Birmingham.

This brightens up what was a blank space and is a reason for using the stairs rather than the lift:
What do others think?

I'm not sure that these events often discover future top level performers but it seems like a worthwhile initiative:

I just wanted to wish everyone on here a Merry Christmas and a happy cricketing New Year!

This is the message from the Club to members:
As the message says, the proof will lie in actions rather than words but at least the Club is starting off by saying the right things.

Wayne Larkins is the speaker at the next Cricket Society meeting at Edgbaston:
I was at last week's meeting when the speaker was Geoff Miller. He was extremely entertaining.

In the context of everything that's going on in English cricket at the moment, this is great news:

It is not a good time to be a Yorkshire CCC supporter:
I guess before we gloat too much at the plight of the Yorkies, we should at least register that two of the current Bears squad were at Yorkshire during the time when Azeem Rafiq was being racially abused. Hopefully, they will not be in any way incriminated by any further revelations that are bound to happen in the coming weeks.
Those running our Club will also be aware that, until the late season emergence of Manraj Johal, the first team squad was notably lacking in players from an ethnic minority background.

Ian Bell has been made an honorary MCC member:
Shiv Chanderpaul honoured too.